A Conference Brings Together the Canadian Gas Value Chain

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The Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference brings together the Canadian gas value chain, from producers through to midstream players, downstream innovators, international buyers and government figureheads.

Set on the theme of the Road Map to 2025, the 3 day conference will identify the Opportunity, tackle the Challenges and finally, set out the Solution for long term gas monetisation in Canada.

Hear from leading LNG export project proponents, innovate gas producers, petrochemical projects, First Nations partners, government ministers, international buyers, and market developers of small scale and transportation gas solutions.

Register to attend the event for FREE: http://www.canadagaslng.com/cglng-visitor-registration

Date: 14-16 May 2018


Located on Vancouver’s waterfront with a dramatic mountain backdrop, the award-winning Vancouver Convention Centre offers one of the most beautiful settings in the world and convenient access to all the major visitor amenities in the downtown core. As British Columbia’s flagship convention centre, the facility hosts more than 500 events and welcomes hundreds of thousands of attendees each year, while generating significant economic activity for the province.


Vancouver Convention Centre East,
999 Canada Pl,
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3C1

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