• Li Ka-shing’s Overseas Investment Trends

    by Star

    A few years ago, the Li Ka-shing family began liquidating their assets from Hong Kong and mainland China and actively engaging in overseas mergers and acquisitions. Since 2010, CK Hutchinson has executed 19 successful major acquisitions. Recounting these transactions, this article aims to shed light on the trend of Li Ka-shing family’s recent overseas investments and business practices. 

  • Meet Devoted Scarborough-Agincourt Community Leader Jean Yip

    by Star

    Jean Yip, one of the newer members of Parliament (MP) representing the Toronto riding of Scarborough-Agincourt, has embraced the deep roots she has in her community. A lifelong resident of Scarborough-Agincourt, she has witnessed its evolution from a quiet village with a handful of Chinese-Canadian families to an ethnically diverse and inclusive metropolis. 

  • New Year, New Opportunities

    by Sarah Kutulakos,Executive Director, Canada China Business Council

    We have officially entered the Year of the Dog. In addition to heralding the start of a prosperous new year, it also marks the 48th year of Canada and China’s trading relationship and offers a chance to reflect on the growing commercial opportunities between our two nations.