Turbulent Conditions Continue for the Shipping Industry

The shipping industry is facing challenging times. Overcapacity, low consumer demand and low charter rates have caused shipping companies to cut costs in an attempt to make up lost revenue. In April 2016, global credit ratings firm Fitch Ratings released a bold statement: “Mergers and acquisitions, rather than the historically more popular alliances, are inevitable to address chronic overcapacity and drive further cost savings in container shipping.

Selling Oil in a Buyers’ Market: Canada’s Pipeline Dilemma

The original Trans Mountain pipeline was approved by act of parliament in 1952. Construction of the nearly 1,200 kilometer pipeline linking Alberta oilfields to Vancouver’s Burrard inlet and the Pacific coast began.
Completed in 1953, and reaching full capacity in 1957, the pipeline has been safely pumping 250,000 barrels of oil a day over its entire length ever since.

Beer and Dairy Deals Exemplify Food Industry Trends

Industry consolidation and healthier foods are the most recent trends in the food and beverage industry. According to the Food and Beverage Report Q2 2016 published by SDR Ventures, an investment firm in the United States, companies that find ways to offer existing products to new customers are currently in favour with investors. The report also highlights mergers and acquisitions being driven by a demand for healthier, more functional, simpler, and allergen- free ingredients.