• China’s Education Market Is Witnessing Active Overseas M&A

    by Star

    According to the Frost & Sullivan research report, in spite of its large market size, China’s private basic education market is still featured by extremely low industry concentration. At present, annual revenue of the domestic listed K-12 educational institutions providing basic education is generally around 1 billion yuan. Take kindergarten as an example. In 2016, there were a total of 223,700 kindergartens nationwide. Among them, the proportion of private ones is as high as 65.44 percent. However, the top 20 education groups only account for less than 3 percent market share.

  • Foreign Investors Take a Pass on Canada

    by Ann He

    New foreign direct investment continues to decline from year-ago levels. This lack of enthusiasm on the part of global investors reflects a rather lackluster domestic economic environment and is reflected in the loonie and Canadian stocks.

  • Is It Too Late for Clean Gas?

    by Alan Forsythe

    The Malaysian state-run oil and gas giant, Petronas, had wanted to invest $11 billion USD in an LNG play on Canada’s west coast, and up to $36 billion CAD with upstream capital investments and later expansion.

  • Wipe away Tears and Blood to Embrace the Bull Market

    by Caifu Global

    Note from CAIFU: 

    The article pointed out “Various unfavorable factors would emerge over the 2012-2013 period. These unfavorable factors will be like the fires of the phoenix, burning and fueling the Chinese stock market into a bright new round.”

    In reality, the Chinese sluggish bear market reached the bottom at 1859 points on June, 2013. The stock market is now at a height of 3600 points.